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The code is based on jabrss@cmeerw.net. It was restructured and offers additional features (see help, help filter and show plugins).

Copy of the text given by help (changeset 5c2737926ebb, 2019-06-30):

Supported commands:

subscribe http://host.domain/path/feed.rss
unsubscribe http://host.domain/path/feed.rss
info http://host.domain/path/feed.rss
resend http://host.domain/path/feed.rss
show plugins
help filter
set ( plaintext | chat | headline )
set also_deliver [ Away ] [ XA ] [ DND ]
set header [ Title ] [ URL ]
set subject  [ Title ] [ URL ]
set size_limit <num>
set store_messages <num>
set filter http://host.domain/path/feed.rss ...
show statistics
show usage

Please refer to the JabRSS command reference at http://dev.cmeerw.org/jabrss/Documentation for more information.

help filter says:

Setting a filter on a feed enables you to suppress or to only receive certain feed items. It works by searching for regular expressions.

To set a filter you need to send a message which contains line breaks.

For example by using

set filter http://host.domain/path/feed.rss
  - .*
  + \\bforecast\\b
  + foo

you will only receive feed items which contain the word forecast or which contain foo as a word or as part of a word.

To only exclude certain news items, such as those containing the words soccer or football:

set filter http://host.domain/path/feed.rss
  - \\bsoccer\\b
  - \\bfootball\\b

The first (non-space) character in each filter line determines whether this filter includes (+) or excludes (-) items, an optional c in the following column makes the search case sensitive. The order of filter lines does not matter; an item passes the filter if any include line matches or there is no exclude line matching it. The regular expression starts after the space. For information about regular expressions see https://docs.python.org/3/library/re.html

In order to test the filter, use

resend http://host.domain/path/feed.rss

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